Buy Back Program

To Our Ajax Mazda Family:

What Does The Global Vehicle Supply Shortage Mean For You & How Has COVID-19 Impacted This Change?

COVID-19 has affected the driving routines of many of our clientele. We understand that many are now working from home and not using vehicles as they once were, some moving from a two-vehicle household to one. Whether you’re leasing/financing or own your vehicle, we would like to help you.

The Shortage Has Increased Your Value, Let Us Buy From You!


We have helped many clients end their vehicle finances early which has eliminated unnecessary vehicle payments for those who simply aren’t using their vehicle. With an increase in value of vehicles we have been able to eliminate finances in full and in some cases, have provided equitable cheques as well. If this option is best for you, please contact one of our managers: Chris, Ricardo or Manny at 905-428-0088. You may also send us an email to


Did you know it isn’t good to let a vehicle sit undriven? In many cases, a vehicle that sits for an extended period of time is subject to maintenance before it comes back on a lease return. We don’t want you to pay extra maintenance costs on your vehicle just to return it at the end of term. We want to buy it back from you! Yes, it is possible to end your lease agreement without having to pay extra fees or remaining payments. There are times where we may even write you a cheque for positive equity meaning your leased vehicle can make you money! To discuss your lease agreement please contact our Assistant Lease Portfolio Manager Bryant Gaudette at 905-428-0088 ext. 242 or email him at

Own Your Vehicle?

We love writing cheques at Ajax Mazda! And would love to write you a cheque for your car,please contact one of our managers Chris, Ricardo or Manny at 905-428-0088. You may also send us an email to