Genuine Parts



Our Mazda's need a little attention sometimes and when they do, genuine Mazda parts can make a big difference. Your Mazda might need some repairs, vehicle maintenance or maybe even a little body work. What would you do when it does? Bring it into the service department at Ajax Mazda and let one of our professionally trained service technicians take care of your vehicle with Genuine Mazda parts.

When you take your car into a neighbourhood workshop, it may be less expensive but that is usually because they perform repairs and body work damage with aftermarket parts that may not perform or fit the way a MAZDA genuine part does. When you need to fix your Mazda in Ajax and surrounding areas, make sure you use the right parts that were designed specifically for your Mazda vehicle. The best part about a genuine Mazda part is that it gives you the best quality, safety and warranty coverage.

Genuine Mazda parts are built to the exact specifications that were used in the Mazda factories when your vehicle was built so the part will perform the same as the original was designed to do. To buy genuine Mazda parts you can stop into the parts department at Ajax Mazda, call us at 905-428-9585 or go online to request a price quote.

If you need vehicle maintenance or any other service required by us please call our service department at 289-460-3443.

Who else is better to be working on your car other than our own Ajax Mazda technicians as they have the knowledge working exclusively on Mazda cars.


A lot of thought has gone into the latest automotive safety technology. Many people today wouldn't think of driving a car without things like electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes and airbags.

Yet, one of the most important safety features on a car is something most people don't even consider a safety feature: the tires.

The tires are what connect a car to the road. They provide the traction that allows the car to stop, move forward and turn. Having the wrong tires, or unsafe ones, on your car is like wearing the wrong shoes. Except, instead of just tripping and falling down, with the wrong tires, the consequences can be much more serious.